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Sundar Pichai​ Net Worth 2016

Sundar Pichai​ Net Worth 2016
Net Worth : $150 Million

Position : Designated CEO Google , Product Chief

Date of Birth : 1972

Country / Birthplace : Chennai, India

Source of income : Google , Stock

Spouse : Anjali Pichai

Age : 43 Year Old

He is selected as the Designated CEO Google in August 10, 2015 . He is one of the most wanted person in the technology field . He joined Google in 2004 and from that period of time he is working hard to make his place among the top people's in tech industry .

Before becoming famous he used to live in two-room apartment in India without a TV or a car . His father is electrical engineer with the firm GEC and worked hard to raise Pichai . Google reportedly offered Pichai $50 million in stocks to turn Twitter down .
Rauf Arshad

Rauf Arshad

He is an entrepreneur and interests include financial lifestyle peole and working in the field of from past one year

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