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All WWE Referees Salaries 2016

All WWE Referees Salaries 2016
World Wrestling Entertainment one of the biggest sports franchise in America today . There are many people who got connected with the sports industry . Referee's are one of the most important person concluded in a wrestling match who can take fair decision and take action against foul moves , cheating during the match .
WWE Referee's Annual Salaries - Weekly 2016 (Updated)
Weekly Events(Raw , Smackdown , NXT)$2,500 - $4,000$240,000
Main EventsWrestlemania , Royle Rumble$5,000 - $10,000$300,000
WWE Officials are highly and professional trained for the wrestling matches . In 2013 the WWE referee's were earning $100,000 annually but later a year after their earnings gets double according a news source (Sport economics's site ) and they earn "$150,000 - $200,000 " a year . In 2015 another sports site survey comes according to them WWE referee's get paid $250,000 annually + bonus for main event entries.

Referee's do get paid when their services were taken , there are some senior referee's who got more pay because they were the officials of the main event title matches like "WWE Championship and World Heavyweight championship". Charles Robinson is currently most earning referee's from WWE after Mike Chioda moves to (TNA) .

Main events like Royal Rumble , Wrestlemania , King of the Ring , Summer Slam and Night of Champions referee's get double salary from ($2,500 to $6,000) approximately . All this data about the wwe referee's salaries is collected from different sources .
Current WWE Referee's Salaries :
RefereeStatusWeekly EventsMain Events
Charles RobinsonActive$2,500$6,000
Mike ChiodaIn-active$2,500$6,000
Chad PattonActive$1,500$4,500
Danilo AnfibioActive$1,500$4,500
Darrick Moore$1,500$4,500
Drake WuertzActive$1,500$4,500
Eddie OrengoActive$1,500$4,500
Jason AyersActive$1,500$4,500
John ConeActive$1,500$4,500
Rod ZapataActive$1,500$4,500
Ryan TranActive$1,500$4,500
Shawn Bennett (NXT)Active$2,000$5,000
Scott ArmstrongActive$1,500$4,500
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