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Beth Phoenix Net Worth - Salary 2016

Beth Phoenix Net Worth : $2.2 Million
Annual Salary : $220,000 (2012)
Date of Birth : November 24, 1980
Country / Birthplace : Elmira, New York, United States
Age : 34 Year Old
Partner : Edge
Current Status : Retired

There are very few women's in wrestling who got a successful match debut , one of them is "Beth Phoneix" her birth name is "Elizabeth Kocianski Carolan" . When she joined the biggest wrestling network WWE she got the ring name of "Phoenix" . For almost 3 years from 2004-07 she take part in the developing territory of WWE "Ohio Valley Wrestling" .

Her biggest opponents in the WWE wrestling are Mickie James , Trish Stratus , and Jillian Hall . She won the Women's WWE Championship three times in her career while "WWE Divas Championship" she dominated for once only . She is one of the most earning diva's of WWE during the year 2011 and 2012 before retirement.
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