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Louis Saha Net Worth 2016

Louis Saha Net Worth : €12 Million
Date of Birth : August 8, 1978
Country / Birthplace : Paris, France
Age : 37 Year Old
Spouse : Aurélie Saha
Children : Enzo Saha, Lou Saha

Louis Saha , is on the highest peak his footballer career during year 2000 while playing for the Fulham football club . He played 117 matches for the club and scored 57 goals which is record breaking performance for him . In 2004 Manchester United show interest in him and signed him from Fulham on the transfer fee of "£12.4 million" . He debut against the team of Everton for Man Utd and score 2 goals in the first game and his team win the by 4-3 goals difference.

In the same year "2004" Louis Saha made his international debut for the team of France . He played 20 matches with France in overall his career. The three club where he played most matches as league player are "Manchester United , Fulham and Everton" score 20+ goals for each of these clubs. On 8 August 2013 he announced retirement from the league football and the last appearance he made is testmonial match for his former Spurs teammate "Leadly King".
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