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Nascar Pit Crew Members Salaries 2016

Nascar the one of the top sports racing events in America . How much does the pit crew members of Nascar racing earn per race and annually  .  There are three major type of racing in Nascar happen each year "Camping World Truck Series , XFINITY Series , and Sprint Cup Series" . We are not so sure about the Camping world truck series pit crew salaries but you will get all details about XFINITY Series , and Sprint Cup Series pit crew salaries here. A fast pit crew is made more easier for the driver to win the race.
Annual / Per Race Salaries of Nascar Pit Crew Members 2016
GuaranteedWinning Bonus
Per Race$50,000$10,000
Annual (Full Season)$400,000$50,000
Crew Chief :
One of the heading person in pit crew is "Crew Chief" who is connected to driver and instruct him about when to take the pit stop during the race and how much time their pit team required to maintain the balanced of the car . He is one of the most paid person in the pit crew members .
Crew Chief :
The leading person who in the pit crew , he do the most important part check the car , watch out team who re-fule the car , change the tyres and adjustments that were needed before the race start .
Nascar Pit Crew Members Money Distribution 2016
GuaranteedWinning Bonus
Crew Chief$10,000 - 25,000$2000
Crew Chief $6,000$1,000
Jackman $2,000$500
Front Tire Changer $1,500$200
Front Tire Carrier$1,500$200
Rear Tire Changer $1,500$200
Rear Tire Carrier $1,500$200
Utility Man $800$100
Winning Bonus :
Race winning bonus only awarded to crew if the Nascar team has won the race , other wise no bonus will be provided . Pit Crew received the winning bonus from the top events like "All Star Racing , Daytona 500 , and more races like this" .

Duties of Members :
  • Jackman : His duty is to rise the both sides of the car so the tires can easily changed , he do this job by "using of a 22-pound (10 kg) jack" more over he signals to the driver to leave the pit crew once the job done.
  • Two tire changers : their duty is to change the tires on the both side , one the car is enter in the pit crew 
  • Fueler : his job is to complete fuel tank with a special gas can .
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