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NBA Referees Salaries in 2016

NBA is one of the most prominent basketball league in United States . Thousands of workers , sports athletes and officials were connected to the game. There are total 30 teams who participated in the full season and each team playing 82 games during a regular season. NBA chose professional fit referee's each year to maintain the game clean so that no foul and cheating can take place during the matches.

How much a referee or official can earn from a single match . This is all that we will discuss here and all the earning data of the referee's that is displayed here and it has been taken from the confirmed sources.
NBA Referee's Annual / Per Match Payscale in 2016
CategoryPer Match PayscaleAnnual Payscale
Entry-Level Referees$2000 – $2,500$300,000
Senior Referees $3,000 – $4,200$600,000
WNBA Referees $500 – $900$250,000
Well there is huge gap among the salaries of Woman basketball league referee's and men's basketball referee's . The salaries were little increase from the 2013-14 season . In 2014 young referee's earn upto $1,100 per match while seniors get $2,000 per match this year payscale gap is little bit increased.

Senior referee's like "Tony Brown , Derrick Stafford , Scott Wall , Ken Mauer , and Dan Crawford " earn little more then entry level referee's due to their years of experienced in NBA . They were also chose for the big events like "All Star Match and Finals of NBA" and in these events their salaries get double .

Entery Level Referee's : Annual Salary ($300,000):
They were new and young , do not have much experience then some other professional referee's they were selected for some games during the NBA season to get with rules and regulation . They get salary $1,800 per match .

Senior Referee's : Annual Salary ($600,000):
Off-course they can make such big money till the end of the season , they experience of years and well connected to the rules of the game . In each match they get salary upto $3,000 and when they are selected for the big match like NBA finals and NBA All star's match they get pay upto $15,000 .

WNBA Referee's : Annual Salary : ($250,00):
There is not much information about Women NBA referee's salaries but according to some sources they can earn upto $500 to 900 per game . Most of the referee's that worked with WNBA did the job as part timer.

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