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PGA Tour Caddy Salary in 2016

There were almost 300+ golf tournaments that take place in each year and million's of dollars were distributed among the winners . Caddies job is to support their golf player in the event and should know every thing about the rules and regulations to help the golfer. But how much does a golf caddy can make in one year .
PGA Tour Caddy Annual Salary in 2016 
CaddyTournament BasedPrize Money Share
Per Tournament  $3,000 - $5,000
$10,000 - $25,000
Annual Earnings $550k - $1.2 Million N/A
Job / Functions :
Caddie who were also a participant in a event who travel's with a professional golfer , to help him take different shots . A good caddy must have the knowledge of weather , wind direction and about the perfect golf equipment that were needed during the match . A good caddy can lead his golf partner toward's the tournament win.

Facts :
A PGA caddy make couple agreements with the professional player of golf about concerning his salary . Mostly PGA Tour caddy can make $2,000 to $2,500 a week from a event . But when the event is big such as "Ryder Cup , The Open Championship , British Open" the salaries get doubled and they get paid round about $5,000 .

Benefits :
A PGA caddy get good hospitality , the get travel expenses and stay in the five star hotel's . If a caddy give's right advises to the players and it helps him to win the tournament he gets double earnings .

How Does a Caddy Earn in Million through out a Year :
As i have give the assesment that a caddy can earn upto $1.2 Million a year , all you information about the caddy salary you will get here . In 2013 the caddy of Tiger Wood's "Steve Williams" made $1.27 million in a year just because Tiger dominated the events such as "The Players Championship , WGC-Cadillac Championship , WGC-Bridgestone Invitational and Arnold Palmer Invitational" and his caddy get's 10% share from each tournament prize money .

Highest Paid Caddies in Past 2 Years :
For more details about the 2015-16 highest paid caddies check this (link) where Micah Fugitt and J.P Fitzgerald are leading the list with millions of dollar's earning in 2015.

  • In 2014 (Steve Williams with Earnings of $1.27 Million) 

  • In 2015 (Micah Fugitt with Earnings of $1.57 Million) 

  • In 2015 (J.P Fitzgerald with Earnings of $1.48 Million) 

  • In 2015 (Ted Scott with Earnings of $900 Thousand ) 

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