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Ryan Getzlaf Net Worth - Salary 2016

Ryan Getzlaf Net Worth : 45 Million
Annual Salary : $9.25 Million
Date of Birth : May 10, 1985
Country / Birthplace : Regina, Canada
Age : 30 Year Old
Position : Centerman
NHL Team : Anaheim Ducks
National Team : Canada

Ryan Getzlaf , is one of the most professional Canadian ice hockey player , who is currently playing for the team of the Anaheim Ducks. He recently signed a new contract with the NHL team "Anaheim Ducks" for 8 years which worth of $66 Million . Ryan Grtzlaf is currently serving the team of the Anaheim Ducks as a captain .

He created a new record of 66 assists in one season for the team of the Anaheim Ducks during 2008–09 season . Ryan Getzlaf won the gold medal with (Canada ice hockey team) in Winter Olympics 2010 and 2012 in Scohi . He so far played "710" NHL games for the Anaheim ducks and scored (208) goals and create (470) assists in his career .
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