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The Ten Highest Paying Part Time Jobs in 2016

What Ten job's you should chose when you are working in abroad on part time based . Today we will tell you some of the most paid jobs that will make you wallet little heavier with money . Such as Drivers , Computer programmers ,  Graphic Designer , and Accountant are one of the most money makers from part time jobs they paid pretty well on hourly based salaries.

There is nothing added by the admin of the site , all the salaries and information is based on faces and taken from the different sources .
Ten Highest Paid Part Time Jobs in 2016
Job'sPer Hour SalaryMonthly Salary
Salary (Increase)
Computer Programmer$38.22$4,5008%
Graphic Designer$30.5$4,50019%
Management Consultant$40
Market Research Analyst$30$2,950
Systems Administrator$40$5,00012%
Writers / Authors$26.89$1,5003%
#1 : Accountant - Wage Per Hour ($35.50) :
Accountant is one of the professional jobs that you can do to earn good money in part time . If you got a degree in accounting you can get a job and now day's accountant's were most demanded people's during the tax season .

#2: Computer ProgramerWage Per Hour ($38.22) :
Computer Programming , its difficult but one of the most popular and demanded job's in a year . If you have a good experience of Java , Microsoft , and other computer application developing knowledge you can not only earn good money you can also save it . The median wage of a computer programmer salary started per hour is ($38.22) and he expect a increment of 8% salary.

#3: DriverWage Per Hour ($18.22) :
Delivery truck driver can earn upto $18.22 per hour from his work experience . But before going on roads you must have the insurance and correct license the vehicle you were driving.

#4: Graphic DesignerWage Per Hour ($30.5) :
Today electronic media become vast source to introduced the news and images . A good graphic designer can get paid upto salary $30.5 on the base of his work experience .

#5: Management ConsultantWage Per Hour ($40) :
Management Consultant , who can resolve problem's that were occurring during the work , project or among the employ's , a good consultant can solve the problem with his expirence . The median wage of the consultant is $40 per hour. 

#6: Market Research AnalystWage Per Hour ($30) :
Market Research Analyst is one of the toughest job in part time hours , but the pay rise chances in this department are bright it can increase upto 7% to 18% if person have good expirence and knowledge of the market. The median person wage as market research analyst is "$30" an hour.

#7: MoverWage Per Hour ($15.12) :
He is the person who will helps to load the item's from the truck or container . For such job you must be fit enough to apply because there is different kind loaded thing's that has to be moved from one place to another as a duty . A mover median wage is "$15.12" per hour and it will increase upto 10% in near future.

#8: Systems AdministratorWage Per Hour ($40) :
One of the most demanding job's in part time is "Systems Administrator" he is the person who helps to solve the problems like troubleshoot and upgrade networked computer systems. The median wage of system administrator is $40 per hour.

#9: EditorsWage Per Hour ($25.90) :
Who are the editors , they were the person behind some famous article's and stuff posted on different news and website that we see in our daily life . Today there are thousand's of opportunity for the people who know stuff about sports , economical situations , and what's going in the world . There are couple of site offering become a author and earn money . The median wage of an editor is closer "$25.90" and it will increase upto 2% in future.

#10: WritersWage Per Hour ($26.89) :
Writer's were requited on different platform from electronic media to new's paper or you can work as free-lance just post about the topic's on which you can write and people from different websites , social sites will contact you and offered you money on behalf on your article work. According to a survey a good writer media wage per hour is $26.89.
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