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Top 10 All Time Snooker Millionaires in the World

Snooker can make athlete's millionaire and its proved when we do research about the players earnings from the Snooker events and tournaments . If we compare the snooker prize money with different sports prize money its much better then some sports prize funds such as "Badminton , Ultimate Fighting Championship and Squash" . There is nothing that has been added by our self , we collect the earnings and details of snookers players from the quality sources .
Top Ten All-time Snooker Millionaires In World
CountryPrize Money ThrasholdPrize Money (adjusted for inflation)
Stephen HendryScotland£8,970,000£24,000,000
Ronnie O'Sullivan England£6,000,000£11,000,000
Steve Davis England£5,000,000£26,000,000
John HigginsScotland£5,000,000£9,000,000
Jimmy WhiteEngland£4,000,000£15,000,000
Mark Williams Wales£4,000,000
John ParrottEngland£3,000,000£9,000,000
Ken Doherty Ireland£3,000,000£6,000,000
Alan McManusEngland£3,000,000£6,000,000
Stephen Lee Scotland£2,000,000£4,000,000
#1 : Stephen Hendry : Prize Money Adjusted for Inflation  (£24,000,000)
Stephen Hendry is a Scottish former snooker player , he become the youngest champion of Snooker in the age of 21 and he turned professional at the age of 16.

#2 : Ronnie O'Sullivan : Prize Money Adjusted for inflation (£11,000,000) 
One of the best English snooker player in the world and he is the 5 times champion of snooker . He is hopeful for more trophies in the upcoming year's.

#3: Steve DavisPrize Money Adjusted for inflation (£26,000,000)
One of the legendary snooker retired professional player . Steve dominates the snooker tournaments and championships during the 1980's.

#4: John Higgins : Prize Money Adjusted for Inflation (£9,000,000)
John Higgins has won 28 world ranking titles in snooker . He is four time world champion of snooker.

#5: Jimmy WhitePrize Money Adjusted for Inflation (£15,000,000)
He is an English professional snooker player , he dominated the UK Snooker Championship in 1981.

#6 : Mark WilliamsPrize Money Adjusted for Inflation (£7,000,000)
Mark Williams is two time world champion in snooker "2000 and 2003" for outstanding achievements in snooker People called him with nick name of "The Welsh Potting Machine".

#7 : John Parrott : Prize Money Adjusted for Inflation (£9,000,000)
He is an English former snooker player who retired from sports . John Parrot consider worlds number snooker player during 1990's and hew on the snooker world championship in 1991.

#8 : Ken Doherty : Prize Money Adjusted for Inflation (£6,000,000)
He is a Irish professional snooker player and also a radio personality . He made history to won the world championship in 1989 as youngest player.

#9 : Alan McManus Prize Money Adjusted for Inflation (£6,000,000)
The 44 year old Scottish professional snooker player who dominate the sports for a period of time . He won the major event in 1994 " Dubai Classic ". Which brings him among the top 16 snooker rankings.

#10 : Stephen Lee : Prize Money Adjusted for Inflation (£4,000,000)
He played number of events in snooker after turning professional 1992 . He face Match-fixing allegations and suspension . Stephen Lee won top snooker events such as "Scottish Open in 2002 , and Players Tour Championship Finals in 2012".
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