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Top 10 Highest Paid UFC Octagon (Ring) Girls in 2016

Top 10 Highest Paid UFC Octagon Ring Girls in 2016
UFC ring girls and they were seen during the fighters weight-out in . Before i write about this post , i have seen couple of post regarding to UFC ring girls but there is very less information about the earnings of ring girls . How ever we collected some data about the ring girls who made thousands of dollars each year from the UFC events . Check out the list of some top paid models in UFC .

Note : The get such big amount annually only when they were selected for the main events such as (UFC 183 , UFC 191 , and other like this) and they earn from the sponsors of the event.
Annual Earnings of UFC Octagon Ring Girls 2016
Octagon GirlsMain (PPV Events)Normal FightsAnnual Earnings
Arianny Celeste$80,000$20,000$100,000
Rachelle Leah $75,000$25,000$100,000
Carly Baker $70,000$20,000$90,000
Chrissy Blair$60,000$20,000$80,000
Jhenny Andrade$50,000$20,000$70,000
Brittany Palmer £40,000£20,000£60,000
Camila Oliveira$30,000$5,000$35,000
Vanessa Hanson $30,000$5,000$35,000
Jamilette Gaxiola$30,000$5,000$35,000
Jennifer Swift (TapouT, Invicta) $20,000$5,000$25,000
#1 : Arianny Celeste : Annual Earnings ($100,000) :
She is one of the most pretty UFC ring girls and model , her hobbies are "Kickboxing, Muay Thai , and Dancing" . She appeared as a ring girl in main events of UFC and earned salary $200 to $500 from each .

#2 : Rachelle Leah : Annual Earnings ($100,000) :
Rachelle Leah is one of the famous girls from UFC Octagon , she is UFC All Access SPIKE TV . In 2006 she host show "Octagon Girl Search" . She become the first impression on top magazines like "Men’s Fitness in 2006 , AXL magazine in 2006 , and UFC calendar in 2006.

#3 : Chrissy Blair : Annual Earnings ($80,000) :
Chrissy Blair is one of the most searched UFC Octagon girl , according to her she wants to achieve her goal and she is happy to working with one of the biggest and best fight promotion companies. She made $150 to $300 per fight and +bonus on main event on PPV.

#4 : Carly Baker : Annual Earnings ($90,000) :
Carly Baker is one of the top British model , before becoming an Octagon girl in UFC , she appeared on couple of tv shows like "Disney Channel, MTV, The Box" . She represent Wimbledon in Miss Great Britian . She is professional dancer and appear on famous tv shows like "Dirty Dancing Time Of Your Life". She wants to become as successful as other Octagon girls to travel the world with UFC.

#5 : Jhenny Andrade : Annual Earnings ($70,000) :
Jhenny Andrade is most searched UFC Octagon girl in 2013 to 2014 .  She gets the achievement of most beautiful young UFC ring girl . She is outstanding since she was 6 year old and host a tv show for kids in Brazil. She move to City of Sao Paulo , and she starts writing in the "VIP magazine" . She write one of the famous articles like "The Perfect Girlfriend" .

#6 : Brittany Palmer : Annual Earnings (£60,000) : 
She is from United States and currently working with UFC as a Octagon girl and appeared as the ring girl and other fighting promotion events . She liked to travel around with UFC and her favorite tv show is "Entourage" .

#7 : Camila Oliveira : Annual Earnings ($35,000) :
She is from Brazil and currently work at UFC and giving appearance in the events and fights weekend and monthly . Her debut as the UFC octagon girl did not go well her home country MMA star "Anderson Sliva" loses her belt in UFC 162 .

#8 : Vanessa Hanson : Annual Earnings ($35,000) :
She is from Calfornia , United States and currently part of Octagon girls in UFC . She will be seen in the upcoming event of "The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale" .

#9 : Jamillette Gaxiola : Annual Earnings ($35,000) :
She made her debut as the UFC Octagon girl from "The Ultimate Fighter Latin America" and later become the part of the biggest event of Ultimate fighting championship "UFC 180". She is born to Cuban and Mexican parents and represent both countries over the year's. She wants to learn every thing about UFC and want to win the hearts of UFC fans.

#10 : Jennifer Swift : Annual Earnings ($25,000) :
Jennifer Swift does not represent the UFC , but she the currently most earning diva from the MMA ring girls . She represent couple number of big events in "TapouT and Invicta" fighting competition.

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