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Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces of All time

Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces of All time
Here today we will discuss about the celebrities who got divorce as couple and separated . There more 30+ Celebrities divorces reported that made to the list expensive but we pick first ten celebs who made to the top . The list contains celebrities from different categories like Sports and Hollywood.

#1 : Mel Gibson's and Robyn Moore Gibson Divorce : Estimated at ( $425 million) :
Actor Mel Gibson's divorce from her wife Robyan Moore Gibson made the top of the list with $425 Million and its so far most expensive celebrity divorce .

#2 : Michael Jordan's and Juanita Jordan Divorce : Estimated at ($168 Million) :
Michael Jordan is one of the famous names from the Basketball , he is one of the highest paid athletes even after getting retire , his divorce from Juanita Jordan cost some where $168 million.

#3 : Neil Diamond's and Marcia Murphey Divorce : Estimated at ($150 Million) :
Neil Diamond is one of the top singers and song writers in america , his divorce with wife "Marcia Murphey" estimated at worth of $150 million their marriage is ended in 1994 or 1995 not confirmed .

#4 : Garth Brooks and Sandy Mahl Divorce : Estimated at ($125 Million) :
Gareth Brooks who is a singer and song writer , got divorced from his wife Sandy Mahl, the couple get divorced on December 17, 2001. 

#5 : Greg Norman's and Laura Andrassy Divorce : Estimated at ($103 Million) :
Greg Norman one of the top professional golfers from Australia , he got divorced from Laura Andrassy which is worth around $103 Million.

#6 : Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Divorce : Estimated at ($100 Million) :
Tiger Woods who is one of the great golfers all time , he is father of two children and later in August 23, 2010 he got divorced from Elin Nordegren a Swedish former model.

#7 : Steven Spielberg's and Amy Irving Divorce : Estimated at ($100 Million) :
Steven Spielberg is one of the famous Hollywood directors , he win couple of awards for the movies he directed , he got one 7th most expensive divorce as celebrity from Amy Irving in 1989 .

#8 : Madonna's and Guy Ritchie Divorce : Estimated at ($75 - $92 Million) :
Madonna the popular singer in the United States and all over the world , her divorced from movie director "Guy Ritchie" estimated some where round about $75 Million or 92 Million different sources not confirmed so far.

#9 : Harrison Ford and Melissa Mathison Divorce : Estimated at ( $85 Million ) :
Harrison Ford the Hollywood actor got divorce from Melissa Mathison which makes to the list of most expensive celebrities at spot number nine.

#10 : Kevin Costner's and Cindy Silva Divorce : Estimated at ($80 Million) :
Kevin Costner one of the best actors in Hollywood divorce from actress Cindy Silva makes to the 10th position in the list of expensive divorces.
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