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Top 10 Richest Female Boxers of All Time

Top 10 Most Richest Female Boxers of All Time 
Female athletes dominate in all type of sports . Today we will provide you some information about the most richest female boxers of all time . How much they made through out their career . Laila Ali is one of the highest paid female boxers , before getting retired from boxing in 2007 . Here are the top 10 most money making female boxers of all time.
Top 10 Richest Female Boxer of All Time
Female BoxersAgeCountryEarnings
Laila Ali37USA$10 Million
Lucia Rijker47Netherlands$8 Million
Regina Halmich38Germany$7 Million
Mia St. John48USA$6.6 Million
Christy Martin47USA$6 Million
Cecilia Brækhus34Colombia$5.5 Million
Ann Wolfe44USA$4 Million
Kina Malpartida35USA$3.2 Million
Valerie Mahfood41USA$3 Million (not confirmed)
Katie Taylor29Ireland$1.5 Million

#1 : Laila Ali : USA : Earnings ($10 Million) :Laila Ali who made her professional debut 1999 after defeating April Fowler in the first round. She is the daughter of American boxing legend Muhammad Ali. She defeated top opponenets like "Christy Martin , Erin Toughill , and Valerie Mahfood" in her career. Laila Ali is stay undefeated in her boxing career.

#2 : Lucia Rijker : Netherlands : Earnings ($8 Million) :
Lucia Rijker is one of the famous female boxers from Netherlands . She stay's undefeated boxer until her career last boxing fight. In 1996 she made her professional debut against USA female boxer Melinda Robinson.

#3 : Regina Halmich : Germany : Earnings ($7 Million) :
She is one of the most professional German female boxer listed among the most beautiful athletes . She is retired in 2007 after defeating Israel boxer "Hagar Finer" . She faced 56 boxers in the ring and defeated 54 of them while face only single defeat and draw 1 match.

#4 : Mia St. John : USA : Earnings ($6.6 Million) :
Mia St. John Mexican-American professional female boxer and she is the former champion of super welterweight division. She has faced 60 fighters in her career and defeated 47 fighters and creates history . Her last fight happen in 2012 and she faced defeat from Tiffany Junot.

#5 : Christy Martin : USA : Earnings ($6 Million) :
Christy Martin , is one of the famous and top fighters from USA in female boxing . Her career started in 1989 and her debut match gets draw against Angela Buchanan , but later in the same year she defeated her . She faced top female boxing fighters like "Laila Ali , Valerie Mahfood , Mia St John and Belinda Laracuente" . She face defeat in the title from the Laila Ali for IBA Women's Super Middleweight title.

#6 : Cecilia Brækhus : Colombia: Earnings ($5.5 Million) :
Cecilia is the Colombian boxer who made her career debut in 2007 from Switzerland and defeated Ksenija Koprek in her first fight . In 2009 she gets her first title fight against "Vinni Skovgaard" and she won the WBC Welterweight title and WBA female welterweight title .  She retained her title and defeated big opponents like "Myriam Lamare , Mia St. John , Anne Sophie Mathis and Chevelle Hallback" .

#7 : Ann Wolfe : USA : Earnings ($4 Million) :
Ann Wolfe is one of the famous boxers from United states . Her boxing career started in 1998 against Brenda Drexel . She defeated (Valerie Mahfood , Mónica Núñez , and Vonda Ward in her career) .

#8 : Kina Malpartida : Peru : Earnings (3.2 Million):
Katrina Harding is one of the most professional's from Peru . She made boxing debut in 2003 . Her last fight happen in 2012 and she won it from "Sriphrae Nongkipahuyuth" .

#9 : Valerie Mahfood : USA : Earnings ($3 Million) :
Valerie Mahfood , is a former world Super Middleweight and Light Heavyweight champion . For her outstanding boxing skill's she known with the name "The Big Bad Wolfe" . She faced  "Laila Ali , Brenda Cooper and Kathy Rivers".

#10 : Katie Taylor : Ireland : Earnings ($1.2 Million) :
Katie is one of the top athletes in United Kingdom . She has won gold medal in European Amateur Championships in 2005 . In London games 2012 she won gold medal in the boxing category of 60 KG . She supports Leeds United football team. She play football with Ireleand women team since 2006 to 2009. 
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