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2016 WWE Divas Salaries

WWE Divas were most searched female athletes specially who made their appearance regular in the weekly and main events . How much does a WWE Diva earn per fight or from the annual base contract salary . We have found many results of salaries related to this posts and very few sites that based on (Economic structure and celebrity financial) posted about the salaries of these diva's .

In 2013 , its Kelly Kelly , Nikki Bella were among the most earning wrestling women's in (WWE) . In 2014 there is slight change in the salaries and AJ Lee who gets annual salary of ($350,000) become the most paid but after getting married to CM Punk , she takes retirement . In 2015 its Nikki Bella , Natalya and Brie Bella who earn most money . There is huge difference between WWE wrestlers and diva's salaries , check out the salaries of WWE super stars (Link)
More About WWE Divas :
  • When these model turn to become official diva's they get huge fame and offers from the from movie directors . 
  • WWE Diva's only particapte competition that were made for them , or they can be part of any tag team to help their partners such as (Melina) do for (Johny Nitro and Morrison) whey they made debut as group name (MNM).
  • Now day's WWE fans watch their favorite diva in the TV-show (Total Diva's) where they get more information about these divas .
Annual SalaryDescription
Alicia Fox
Becky Lynch
Brie Bella
$290,000WWE Diva's Champion
Eva Marie
Rosa Mendes
$250,000maternity leave
Nikki Bella
$350,000Inactive - due to neck injury
Summer Rae
$200,000Valet of Tyler Breeze
Sasha Banks
$100,000Valet of Rusev
Tamina Snuka
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