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Arkady Volozh Net Worth 2016

Arkady Volozh Net Worth : $1.15 Billion
Date of Birth : February 11, 1964
Country / Birthplace : Atyrau, Kazakhstan
Age : 51 Year Old
Organization Found : Yandex
Occupation : Entrepreneur

If there is any search engine that is working hard to compete with Google it will be Russian search engine (Yandex ) which is founded by Arkady Volozh. Arkady Volozh has been the company’s CEO and a director since 2000 . After graduation , he start doing business and start importing personal computers from Austria .

He is currently one of the richest tech billionaires  in the world with his business ideas . Volozh co-founded CompTek in 1989 the company used to develop search software's.
Rauf Arshad

Rauf Arshad

He is an entrepreneur and interests include financial lifestyle peole and working in the field of from past one year

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