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Boxing Referee & Judges Salaries in 2016

Boxing the dominated sports in fighting competition . This sports create history in the world from a very long period of time . Referee's and Officials play most important role during the fight they have to judge the players that they were following the boxing rules or not . For this Referee's get paid in but each fight has different variation salary might be good or bit low. Today we collect data about the match referee's salaries how much do they get paid per match and annually.
Boxing Referee's Annual Salaries 2016
Per FightMain PPV Events , High Profile Fights$2,000 - $25,000
Annual  All Boxing Matches as Official$200,000 - $350,000
Well a simple fight can bring ($500) to $1,000 in account of referee , but when the fight is big and its main event PPV then salary of the referee get increased . Such as Kenny Bayless the man who is the official during the match between (Pacquio vs Mayweather) earn $25,000 from the fight what ever the result is. A referee can earn upto $350,000 annually if he is selected for the main card (title fights) and high profile non-title fights.
Boxing Judges Annual Salaries 2016
Per Fight as (judge)Main PPV Events , High Profile Fights$1,000 - $8000
Annual EarningsAll Boxing Matches as Official$90,000
Judges duties are totally different from the boxing official referee's . Judges has to find out about how many punches were thrown by the both boxers. They will count the average of boxing punches and then later if there is no knockout take place the decision will be made on the judges boxing punches average table and points.
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