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Chad Hugo Net Worth 2016

Chad Hugo Net Worth : $60 Million
Date of Birth : February 24, 1974
Country / Birthplace : Portsmouth, Virginia, United States
Age : 41 Year Old
Spouse : Rachel Hugo
Genre : Hip Hop , R&B
Music Group : The Neptunes (Since 1992), N.E.R.D (Since 2001)

Chad Hugo is one of the dominated hip hop musicians in United States of America . He is currently working in the music industry as (Record producer and songwriter). He did associated acts with (Paul Banks, Pharrell Williams, The Neptunes, Clipse, N.E.R.D, and JoJo) through his career as Rapper. When he get famous (Hugo) signed a global music publishing deal with BMG Music Publishing.

Chad Hugo also created an alternative group with Paul Banks called No Airplanes In Space . He is married to Lady (Rachel) and father of three children . He is famous for music instruments like (Piano , Saxophone , and Bass).

Rauf Arshad

Rauf Arshad

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