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Formula 1 Pit Crew Members Salaries 2016

Formula One is the most advanced racing today in the world and millions of followers watch races . But how much does the formula one pit crew members earn per race and annually . To win a race you need a good backup plan it in formula one and nascar you need a good pit crew who can do their job as fast as they can to lead their racing team .

The highest paid person in Formula one Pit crew is refueling member with per race salary upto ($4,500) approximately . Well we have calculated data about how much do these formula one pit crew members earn checkout the data in the given table.
Formula 1 Pit Crew Members Annual Salaries 2016
Crew MembersPer Race SalaryAnnual Salaries
Refueling Person$4,000$60,000
Lollipop Man $1,500$25,000
Tyre Changers $2,500$40,000
Tyre Carriers $2,500$40,000
Stabilliser $2,000$30,000
Wing Men $1,500$23,000
Jack Men $2,500$40,000
Fire Extinguisher Man $1,500
Starter Man $1,200$12,000
Refueling Person : Earning per race ($4,000) :
Refueling Person got the most toughest job he has to manage the fuel of the race car as much as it needed for the period of laps a single mistake in refueling cause major damage to the racing team if the fuel.

Lollipop man : Earning per race ($1,500) :
He is the person who is holding the team pit sign, to help the driver to find out his pit crew team and to get easy access . In his duties there is one more edition that he has to remind driver to hold on brakes until tires being change .

Tyre Changers : Earning per race ($2,500) :
There are four tyre changers who performed this duty , they change the tires as soon as possible to make easier for the driver to control the grip of the car.

Tyre Carriers : Earning per race ($2,500) :
There are eight person in tyre carriers crew on each side of the car there two person involved one has the duty to remove the older tyre and the other has duty install the new tyre to the car.

Stabilliser : Earning per race ($2,000) :
Stabilliser , is the person who stable the car from the middle and this is done by two members of the f1 crew.

Wing Men : Earning per race ($1,500) :
Wing Men got the duty to check if the front wing is damaged or have some issue and if there is then its his duty to change the front wing of the car.

Jack Men : Earning per race ($2,500) :
There are two peoples do the jack man job one is from front and the other one is from behind the car and permit the changing of tyres .

Fire Extinguisher Man : Earning per race ($1,500) :
He has nothing to do with the car customization , but he stands near to car if accidental fires that may occur during a stop happen then his job stars to let driver and pit crew members evacuate.

Starter Man : Earning per race ($1,200) :
Starter man has nothing to do with the car his duty is to stand ready with a starter tool to restart the car should the driver stall his engine during the stop.
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