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Markus Persson Net Worth 2016

Markus Persson (Notch) Net Worth : $1.5 Billion (USD)
Date of Birth : June 1, 1979
Country / Birthplace : Stockholm, Sweden
Age : 36 Year Old
Occupation : Video Game Designer

He is also known as Notch or xNotch , he is known for his work in (Minecraft)  . He is  a Swedish video game programmer and designer and made famous games Minecraft: The Story of Mojang with Carl Manneh and Jakob Porser in late 2010 .

Markus Persson is also the founder of (Wurm Online) . He found the organization (Mojang) alongside (H. Jakob Porsér and Carl O. Manneh) in 2009 that made him biggest tech entrepreneurs business personalities in Europe and world-wide.

Scroll's is also his famous gaming project in which he used elements from board games and collectible card games . Markus Persson married Elin Zetterstrand on 13 August 2011 in next year month of August on 15th , 2012 he announced that he was single now. 
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