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NFL Cheerleaders Salaries in 2016

Average Annual Earnings of NFL Cheerleaders in 2016
Every year hundreds of girls give audition to become the NFL cheer leader but very few of them were selected who got good skill's in dancing and athletic body. But how much these cheerleaders earn from a NFL match or annual based contract salary with the team whom they were cheering during the matches,.
NFL Cheerleaders Annual Salaries 2016
Professionals$500 - $1000$25,000
Amateurs$200 - $400$8,000
There are two categories in which NFL cheerleaders were divided one of them is the professional who were working for two years on their contract and they have much experience how to entertain the crowed with their performance they get little heavy budget salary of ($500) per match then the other girls. While there are some new young amateurs who participated as a cheerleader get ($200) guaranteed salary .

NFL Cheerleader Benefits :
  • They get free tickets to watch the match 
  • They get fame to become the TV artist or actress
  • They can perform in the main event matches such as (Superbowl) and (Pro Bowl)

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