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The Ten Richest Retired WWE Divas of All Time

WWE diva's who performed years in Wrestling they show their skill's of submission moves and athleticism . They bring a total change to (World Wrestling Entertainment) but how much they get paid on their contract based salaries . Lita , Trish Stratus , Mickie James , Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler were one of the most richest divas of all time .
Top 10 Richest Retired WWE Divas of All Time
PlayersRetiredNet Worth
Trish Stratus2006$17.5 Million
Torrie Wilson2008$14.5 Million
Lita2006$8 Million
Stacy Keibler 2006$7 Million
Mickie James2010$6.2 Million
Candice Michelle 2006$3.2 Million
Sable2004$2.3 Million
Melina Perez2011$1.5 Million
Chyna2001$1.2 Million
Dawn Marie2005$1 Million
#1 : Trish Stratus : Net Worth ($17.5 Million) :
Trish Stratus the leading female diva of all time in Wrestling (WWE) , she achieved the hall of fame with her performances and years of experience in world wrestling entertainment.
#2 : Torrie Wilson : Net Worth ($14.5 Million) :
Torrie Wilson the hottest wwe divas of all time , she made couple of appearances during the ear of (Raw is War) . She is group member of DX (Degenration X) and team up with XPac . She is most paid female diva in world wrestling entertainment after (Trish and Lita).
#3 : Lita : Net Worth ($8 Million) :
Lita is famous for her outstanding wrestling skill's , she is the most dominated wwe diva in the history . She won the women's and diva's championship twice in her career and retired in 2006 and later listed in the WWE hall of fame.
#4 : Stacy Keibler : Net Worth ($6.5 Million) :
Stacy Keibler participated in couple matches during the 2001 till 2006 . In 2005 she is one of the most searched WWE divas . She won diva's championship during her career and share a good history with Dudley boyz.
#5 : Mickie James : Net Worth ($5 Million) :
Most dominating female wrestler will be consider (Mickie James) in World Wrestling Entertainment . She almost defeat all big name diva's such as (Trish Stratus , Lita , Melina and Beth Phoenix) during her career at (WWE).
#6 : Candice Michelle : Net Worth ($3.1 Million) :
Candice Michelle give appearances in the weekly events from (Raw) and she is the most entertaing female diva in wwe . She retired from WWE during the year 2006.
#7 : Sable : Net Worth ($2.3 Million) :
Sable is the wife of one greatest MMA athlete and Wrestler (Brock Lesnar) , she also performed in number of world wrestling entertainment matches during her career . She is one time WWF women Championship winner .
#8 : Melina Perez : Net Worth ($1.5 Million) :
Melina Perez is the top diva and get huge fame right after making debut with (MNM) a wrestlers group including (Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury). She has won the women's championship in (WWE) during 2007 after defeating Mickie James.
#9 : Chyna : Net Worth ($1.2 Million) :
Chyna is famous during the era of WWF (World Wrestling Federation) and she appears with Triple H , X-Pac and Road Dogg the members of group called (Degeneration X) . She retired from WWE in 2001 .
#10 : Dawn Marie : Net Worth ($1 Million) :
Dawn Marie her impact in the WWE is always remember from the rivalry feuds with (Torrie Wilson , Trish and Mickie James) . Her last appearance in the wrestling match is on main event night (ECW One Night Stand) where she is managing wrestler (Lance Storm) against Chris Jericho.
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