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Top 10 All Time Richest Women Players in Beach Volleyball

There is not much information about the women beach volleyball players how much they earn per tournament , monthly or annually today we collected and sharing some data about the one of the most richest women Volleyball players in the world . Misty May-Treanor , Jenny Johnson Jordan and Annett Davis made their name among the list with their career earnings.

Women beach volleyball player take part in different competition such as (FIVB , Olympics and Other tournaments) . After winning any tournament they get prize money and if they managed to get gold medal in Olympics games they get sponsor and bonus .
Top 10 All-time Richest Women's in Beach Volleyball
PlayersCountry Career Earnings
Misty May-TreanorUSA$2,132,733
Kerri Walsh JenningsUSA$2,056,635
Elaine YoungsUSA$1,795,634
Holly McPeak USA$1,610,786
Larissa FrancaBrazil$1,357,235
Juliana Felisberta Brazil$1,345,225
Jennifer KessyUSA$1,344,022
Shelda BedeBrazil$1,332,708
Adriana BeharBrazil$1,210,238
April Ross USA$1,047,950
#1 : Misty May-Treanor : Earnings ($2.1 Million) :
Misty May-Treanor is retired professional beach volleyball player and she performed and represent America in couple of big events like (Olympic games and FIVB). She is three time gold medalists in Olympic games (2004 Athen's , 2008 Beijing and in 2012 London).
#2 : Kerri Walsh Jennings : Earnings ($2 Million) :
Kerri Walsh Jennings participated in each big event of Beach volleyball she has won all three gold medals in the beach volleyball competition in Olympic games (2004 Athen's , 2008 Beijing and 2012 London)
#3 : Elaine Youngs : Earnings ($1.7 Million) :
Elaine Youngs , has won 51 professional tournaments of Beach volleyball. She win the bronze medal for United States in 2004 Athens games. She is teamed up with (Rachel Scott) since 2011.
#4 : Holly McPeak : Earnings ($1.6 Million) :
Holly McPeak is a retired professional American beach volleyball player and she won the sliver-medal in 1997 Los Angeles world championship of beach volleyball.
#5 : Larissa Franca : Earnings ($1.3 Million) :
Larissa Franca represent Brazil in competition of Beach volleyball . In 2012 London games she won Bronze medal . In 2011 beach volleyball world championship in Rome she wins the Gold medal for Brazil.
#6 : Juliana Felisberta : Earnings ($1.3 Million) :
She is a Brazilian female beach volleyball player , the 32 year old has won silver medal 2005 Beach Volleyball World Championships in Berlin .
#7 : Jennifer Kessy : Earnings ($1.3 Million) :
One of the pretty women in Beach volleyball and she won the gold medal in (2009 Stavanger) world championship competition.
#8 : Shelda Bede : Earnings ($1.3 Million) :
Shelda represent Brazil in Volleyball competition and she won the silver medals in beach volleyball at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney and In 2004 at Athens olympics.
#9 : Adriana Behar : Earnings ($1.2 Million) :
Adriana Behar who is outstanding in his volleyball skill's she is always been a tough competition for the other athletes in beach volleyball tournaments.
#10 : April Ross : Earnings ($1 Million) :
April Ross is currently most powerful female player in Volleyball , she has earn $1 million from different tournaments prize money and endorsement earnings.
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