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Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Divas in 2016

The one place where women wrestlers get paid quite outstanding is (WWE) world wrestling entertainment . If you are looking for the highest paid diva's for 2016 , then here you will find a proper list of female's that were contributing in (Smackdown and Raw) weekly and in the main events.

AJ Lee , Kelly Kelly were not any more part of the list both of them were in-active. While currently its Nikki Bella , Brie Bella , Natalya and Paige were leaders . All these diva's were earning more then others and some male wrestlers .
 Ranking  Current Divas Earnings
#1 Nikki Bella $350,000
#2 Brie Bella $320,000
#3 Natalya $320,000
#4 Paige  $310,000
#5 Charlotte $300,000
#6 Alica Fox $290,000
#7 Eva Marie $280,000
#8 Cameron $230,000
#9 Tamina Snuka $225,000
#10 Summer Rae $200,000
#1 : Nikki Bella : Annual Earnings ($350,000) :
Nikki Bella is currently most paid wwe female diva , she has been working hard on her wrestling skill's and contributing to the show (Total Diva) and in a relationship with John Cena. In 2014 her annual earnings are some where around ($300,000).

#2 : Brie Bella : Annual Earnings ($320,000) :
Brie Bella is one of the strongest challengers in diva's competition , she feud with some top wrestling females including (Stephanie McMahon). Brie is the wife of wwe super star (Daniel Bryan) and she is 2 two time champion (Women's title).

#3 : Natalya : Annual Earnings ($320,000) :
Natalya most toughest females in WWE , she won the women's championship after making debut in the wrestling , she is experienced and famous and listed among the most paid women's from wrestling.

#4 : Paige : Annual Earnings ($310,000) :
Paige is from United Kingdom , she worked on her wrestling moves and after making debut on WWE Raw from NXT , in a short period of time she defeated AJ Lee and won the (WWE Diva's Championship).

#5 : Charlotte : Annual Earnings ($300,000) :
Charlotte is young and new wwe diva she recently become part of the weekly events at Smackdown and currently holding the women's title .

#6 : Alicia Fox : Annual Earnings ($290,000) :
Alica Fox given some of the great performances throughout 2015 , she become the champion but later after getting feud with Charlotte she lost the title to her.

#7 : Eva Marie : Annual Earnings ($280,000) :
One of the most improved wwe diva is (Eva Marie) and currently working in the famous show about wwe female wrestlers (Total Divas) since 2013.

#8 : Cameron Lynn : Annual Earnings ($230,000) :
Cameron Lynn is not only a wrestler but she is also working in the music field as a singer. She shares great rivalary with (Naomi Knight , JoJo Offerman and Alicia Fox).

#9 : Tamina Snuka : Annual Earnings ($225,000) :
Tamina Snuka is a good female diva in World wrestling entertainment but can not win a single women's championship or diva's title. But her efforts as diva in wrestling skill's were strong.

#10 : Summer Rae : Annual Earnings ($200,000) :
Summer Rae is working as valet of Tyler Breeze , but she is also making regular appearances as wwe diva . She is model, actress and former American football player and now day's busy in her wrestling skill's.
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