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Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Wrestlers in 2016

WWE is one of the largest platform for the professional wrestlers , they get quite handsome wage's annually and weekly events . Once there is an era of (WWF) when The Rock , Stone Cold , Gold Berg , Kurt Angle , Triple H , and Undertaker were listed among the most paid wrestler with the time its change to new ear (WWE) World Wrestling Entertainment and new superstars made their way to the platform and some still shine.

In 2013-14 its (John Cena , Brock Lesnar , Randy Orton and CM Punk) were among the highest paid wrestler but now there is little big changes to the list made on the wrestlers contract and salaries. Just checkout the list .
Top 10 Highest Paid WWE Wrestlers in 2016 
#1John Cena
$3 Million
#2Triple H
Chief Operating Officer
$2.9 Million
The Rock
Limited Appearances 
$2.7 Million
#4Brock Lesnar
$2.5 Million
#5 Randy Orton 
$2 Million
#6The Undertaker
Limited Apearances
$1.5 Million
#7 Roman Reigns
$1.2 Million
#8The Miz
$1.2 Million
#9Big Show
$1 Million
#10 Seth Rollins
In-active (Injury)
$1 Million
#1 : John Cena : Annual Salary ($3 Million) :
John Cena one of the top (WWE stars) in past 5 years . He is outstanding performer in the ring win the WWE Championship and Heavyweight title many times in last 5 years.

#2 : Triple H : Annual Salary ($2.9 Million) :
Triple H might be second place in the list its just because we are only including his wrestling salary not the other jobs salaries and earnings that he get paid for services such as (Chief Operating Officer).

#3 : The Rock : Annual Salary ($2.7 Million) :
The Rock most dominating super stars of all time in World wrestling entertainment . He currently made short appearances in WWE but still remains highest paid due to popularity and fan's demand.

#4 : Brock Lesnar : Annual Salary ($2.5 Million) :
Brock Lesnar quite impressing athlete in the WWE and has performed in couple of matches. He become the World Heavyweight Champion after making comeback in 2014 .

#5 : Randy Orton : Annual Salary ($2 Million) :
Randy Orton , is currently listed among the most dangerous and powerful super stars in WWE. He is known for his nickname (Legend Killer). His finishing move (RKO) is now most popular one in wrestling.

#6 : The Undertaker : Annual Salary ($1.5 Million) :
Undertaker is the one super star who's single appearance is enough to cheer the WWE fans. He is working with (WWE) franchise from a very long period of time now day's giving limited appearances in the weekly events and main events.

#7 : Roman Reigns : Annual Salary ($1.25 Million) :
Roman Reigns is currently active and champion of World Heavyweight title in the WWE. He shares great rivalry with Randy Orton , John Cena , and Seth Rollins.

#8 : The Miz : Annual Salary ($1.2 Million) :
The Miz is looking for the championship match once again at Wrestle-mania 32 and he is working hard for it . He is in-active for short period time but recently made a good comeback and starting take part in fights.

#9 : Big Show : Annual Salary ($1 Million) :
WWE largest athletes (Big Show) and second most strongest wrestler after Mark Henry . His expected salary annually is ($1 Million) . In 2013 his salary is approximately ($750 Thousand) suggested by (Sports Rich List).

#10 : Seth Rollins : Annual Salary ($1 Million) :
One of the most improved (WWE Wrestler) in last 2 years is Seth Rollins , he won the world heavyweight championship but due to injury he is in-active did not retain the title for period of time.
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