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Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes Per Minute in 2016

These sports athletes making astonishing money in a single minute , if we see the list at first place Clayton Kershaw who is with $24,500 earning per minute but these earnings will count only if he takes part in MLB matches for his team Dodgers. Athletes were taken from different sports such as (NBA, NFL , Formula One and Boxing). Floyd Mayweather is not included in the list as he recently in 2015 announced his retirement from boxing. But as of he is the most active and highest paid per minute athlete with ($400,000) in 2015.

Note :
These per minutes salaries were based on the annual earnings of these athletes . The information is taken from big sources like (ESPN , Forbes , Time Magazine)
Top 10 Highest Paid Sports Athletes Per Minute 2016 
 Rank  Athlete Sports Team Per Minute Salary
#1 Manny Pacquiao Boxing - $400,000
#2 Clayton Kershaw MLB Los Angeles Dodgers $24,500
#3 Justin Verlander MLB Detroit Tigers $22,000
#4 Zack Greinke MLB Los Angeles Dodgers $20,000
#5 Kobe Bryant NBA Los Angeles Lakers $20,000
#6 Joe Johnson NBA Brooklyn Nets $19,500
#7 Joe Haden NFL Cleveland Browns $18,500
#8 Lionel Messi Football FC Barcelona $12,000
#9 Cristiano Ronaldo Football Real Madrid $12,000
#10 Sebastian Vettel Formual One Scuderia Ferrari $7,200

#1 : : Boxing : (PPV Fights)
If Mayweather is not retire in 2015 from boxing , then he is most expensive athlete and most paid per minute boxer . According to news source and sports economics data base site , Floyd Mayweather can earn upto ($400,000) per minute . In 2015 he is the highest paid athlete in world with annual earning of $300 Million. Manny Pacquio earnings per minute is somewhere around about ($400,000).

#2 : Baseball : (MLB)
Major League baseball players were currently most earning athletes per minute if we see their annual salaries then Clayton Kershaw earns $31 Million annual which means for each game he is paid upto $24,000 expected per minute . While Justin Verlander and Zack Greinke were the 2nd and 3rd most earning athlete per minute major league baseball with $22,000 per minute and $20,000 per minute wage. Verlander annual salary is $28 million while Greinke paid upto $27.5 million yearly.

#3 : Basketball : (NBA) 
The 2nd most paid athletes per minute is from National Basketball Association , Kobe Bryant who earns $25 million annually from contract base salary and he played 1,207 minutes to paid upto estimated earning per minute ($20,000). While with $19,500 per minute salary with same number of minutes if Joe Johnson played with out injury or absence from a match can get paid upto $19,500.

#4: American Football : (NFL) 
Joe Harden is currently the highest paid NFL player in 2015 , according to a news source . If he played 16 games with out injury he can earn upto $48,000. But if we only take the per minute salary estimate then he earn almost ($18,500) per minute.

#5: Football :
Football players like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo who plays for the big football clubs such as (Real Madrid) and Barcelona they are rarely substituted during the match , if we compare their per minute salary and as the play full long season football almost 5,000 minutes they get paid upto $10,000 per minute.
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