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Kyle Seager Net Worth - Salary 2016

Kyle Seager Net Worth : $25 Million
Annual Salary : $14.2 Million
Contract Base Salary : $100 Million (2015–2021)
Date of Birth : November 3, 1987
Country / Birthplace : Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
Age : 28 Year Old
MLB Team : Seattle Mariners
Spouse: Juile Seager

Kyle Seager is american professional baseball player , he currently represent the MLB team Seattle Mariners as a third baseman in the team . He bats with his left hand while and throw the ball with the right hand . In 2011 he made professional debut in MLB with the team . In 2015 , Kyle Seager signed a $100 million deal with the team for next seven years from 2015 till 2021.He earn almost average salary per game ($88,183). He made to the all star team in 2014 and also won the (Gold Glove Award) in the same year . His batting average in season 2015 is (.263) , he made hits in the game (685) and score home runs (96 times).
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Rauf Arshad

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