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Michael Bloomberg Net Worth 2016

Michael Bloomberg Net Worth : $41 Billion
Date of Birth : February 14, 1942
Country / Birthplace : Brighton, Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Occupation :  Businessman , Politician 
Age : 73 Year Old
Political Party : Independent

Michael Bloomberg is one of the richest american Politician and most powerful person in the country. He is currently the member of Political party (Independent) since 2007. He is famous for being the former Mayor of New York City . He is married to Susan Brown in 1975 and they had two daughters (Emma and Georgina). Michael Bloomberg owned thirteen properties in different countries around the world, including a mansion built in the Georgian style. In 2001 he is member of (Republican) political party and support them till 2007 . Before 2001 he supports the political party and member of Democratic.
Rauf Arshad

Rauf Arshad

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