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NHL Referees Salaries in 2016

NHL one most watched sports in the America and Canada . Referee's that played important role in the match were paid for their services during the game . How much does a NHL official earn per game and annual salary. There are four officials that were part of a NHL game there two linesman and there are two referees involved during the game .

As NHL referee its a high-pressure job and there should be no mistake during the match. There is huge difference between the between professional and new referee's salaries . Professional get paid little extra money on behalf of their experienced .
NHL Referees & Linesman Annual Salaries IN 2016 
 Category  Per Match Salary Annual Earnings
Linesman $800 $200,000
Referee $1,500 $420,000
Selection of NHL Referee :
The very first thing to become a NHL referee you must have a good physique , skating skill's . There is a tough training to do after becoming a NHL referee . A referee should be fast enough to dodge out of the way of the puck and other players. Most importantly he must know the rules and regulation of the NHL .

Linesman :
There are many news and rumors that people were keep saying the NFL officials were not making good money , i think they might see the salaries linesman referee's that participate in the match and they have not much responsibilities as much as do have officials but they can earn upto $200,000 which is increased in last two years from $160,000 . 
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