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The 20 World's Highest Paid YouTube Stars in 2016

The 20 World's Highest Paid YouTube Stars 2016
Youtube , is an open source for anyone to earn money , but for that you must have an idea just like the people's we will discuses in today's post. Earning money from youtube is quite easy but you need to be a good video editor and have passion to create a video . Pewdiepie is one of the most money making personality from Youtube. He is a comedian but famous for his video's that he posted on youtube. Check out the list you will find more about the famous youtube stars.
The 20 Richest Self Made YouTube Millionaires IN 2016
 Stars  Channel  Earnings
PewDiePie PewDiePie $12 Million
Smosh Smosh $8.5 Million
Fine Brothers TheFineBros $8.5 Million
FunToyzCollector DisneyCollectorBR $8 Million
The Yogscast BlueXephos $6.7 Million
BluCollection  Blucollection $6.5 Million
Lindsey Stirling lindseystomp $6 Million
Rhett & Link RhettandLink $4.5 Million
KSI  KSI $4.5 Million
Jenna Marbles JennaMarbles $4 Million
Toby Games  TobyGames  $4.2 Million
Ray William Johnson RayWilliamJohnson $4 Million
Uber Haxor Nova  UberHaxorNova  $3.5 Million
Real Annoying Orange  realannoyingorange $3.4 Million
College Humor  collegehumor $3.3 Million
Jordan Maron CaptainSparklez $3.2 Million
Michelle Phan Michellephan $3 Million
Lilly Singh Lillysingh $2.5 Million
Roman Atwood RomanAtwood $2.5 Million
Epic Rap Battles of History ERB $2.4 Million
Boyce Avenue  BoyceAvenue  $2.3 Million
Sky Does Minecraft  SkyDoesMinecraft  $2.3 Million
AdamThomasMoran  AdamThomasMoran $2.2 Million
The Fine Bros  TheFineBros  $2.2 Million
Markiplier  Markiplier  $2.1 Million
#1: PewDiePie : $12.5 Million : Channel Views (10,859,634,747) :
Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg aka (PewDiePie) , famous for his comedy videos made on different games. He recently hit 10 billion views on his channel and listed highest paid youtube star in 2015 according to Forbes Magazine.

#2: Smosh : $8.5 Million : Channel Views (5,132,388,317) :
Andrew Hecox and Anthony Padilla are the two person behind the success of their youtube channel they made sketch comedy videos and upload them to youtube and currently 2nd most earning people from comedy videos in 2015.

#3: Fine Brothers: $8.5 Million : Channel Views (3,717,287,282) :
They were the new entry in the highest paid youtube stars list , in a past year their video's entertain allot people and get views . They currently have 3 billion views on youtube and may be soon they might hit the target 4 billion view's on youtube as their popularity increasing day by day.
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