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Top 10 Most Expensive Private Jets in the World

Worlds Most Expensive Private Jets in 2016
Every one loves to travel around the world , today we are sharing you information about some of the most expensive private jets that has been used by some top politicians , businessman and rich peoples. The most expensive plane in the list is worth ($500 Million). Okay check out the full list of the private jets and with their actual values .

#1 : Airbus A380 : Value ($500 Million) :
The most expensive private jet is owned by (Prince Alawaleed bin Talal) according to some new sources , he purchased a Airbus A380 for $300 million and another $200 million were used for customization . The jet comes with two levels and lots of living space, a suite and recreational rooms.

#2 : Boeing 747 : Value ($150 Million) :
Boeing 747 listed second most expensive jets in the world with worth of $150 million. According to some sources that some business investor (Joseph Lau) paid $150 million for a custom made which serves as his personal private plane.

#3 : Boeing 757 : Value ($100 Million) :
Boeing 757 which is commonly used for the flight services . One of the richest american billionaire (Donald Trumph) owns it and he purchased it from the Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen and customize the plane like Trump-style makeover.

#4 : Airbus ACJ319 : Value ($80 Million) :
Its one of the most popular jet's currently in the world and it can be customize for further improvements. There is a comfortable en-suite bedroom located at the end of the Airbus.

#5 : Bombardier Global 8000 : Value ($566 Million) :
The 5th most expensive private jet is Bombardier Global 8000 . Its ultra long-range corporate and VIP high speed jet aircraft .

#6 : Gulfstream G-550 : Value ($60 Million) :
Gulfstream G-550 , its popular among the businessman and currently owned by two top businessman Lakshmi Mittal who is Indian billionaire and Phillip Green who is a British businessman its wort is sixty million.

#7 : Sukhoi Superjet 100 : Value ($50 Million) :
It comes with a good seat capacity which makes little bigger then other jets . It is manufacture by Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association and twin-engine jet airliner .

#8 : Bombardier BD-700 : Value ($45 Million) :
Bombardier BD-700 , is one of the personal jets . There are some news that this plane can fly non-stop to different locations . Its total worth value is somewhere round about $45 million.

#9 : Embraer Legacy 650 : Value ($30 Million) :
One of the famous Chinese actor and martial arts movie expert (Jackie Chan) owns the jet plane which (Embraer Legacy 650) . Which is valued at $30 million .

#10 : Hawker 4000 : Value ($22 Million) :
Hawker 4000 is tenth expensive plane in the world , one of the professional golfers from Spain (Sergio Garcia) owns it . He mostly uses his jet plane to travel to the tournament city .
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