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The 5 Worst Professional Sports Salaries 2016

Worst Professional Sports Salaries in 2016
Millions of athletes that were participating in different sports world , but today we talk about which sports pay is very low . There are some athletes like Lionel Messi , Cristiano Ronaldo , Floyd Mayweather Jr , John Cena who earns millions in a single from their sports category . But there are some athletes who do not make more then average salary per year . According to some sources its WNBA (Women National Basketball Association) where athletes paid too low . Well to find more about it see the list .
The Five Worst Professional Sports Salaries in 2016
Sports Annual Salary
WNBA $40,000
Handball  $35,000
MLS $50,000
Women Professional Soccer $30,000
National Lacrosse League $10,000
#1 : WNBA : Annual Salary ($44,000)

There is huge difference between the salaries of the professional and senior female basketball players and new players . The young players who made debut or played just few games in the start of their career maximum earn up to $44,000 annually .

#2 : Women Professional Soccer: Annual Salary ($30,000)

How much does a women footballer , well there are very few women footballer who earn maximum salary. Alex Morgan is one of the highest paid she earn upto $420,000 annually. But the girls who start playing for the football career they have not much experienced were maximum earn up to $30,000.

#3 : Major League Soccer: Annual Salary ($50,000)
Major League Soccer , an American soccer league which gets popular and now world big players were taking interest in it. There are many players who were getting paid up to $50,000 annual base salary which is 27% lesser then the other football leagues salaries like (EPL , LA Liga , German Bundesliga and Ligue 1 ).

#4 : Handball: Annual Salary ($35,000)

An average handball player male or female who just start his career or recently made debut in handball will earn salary yearly ($35,000) if he participated in league competition game . Heidi L√łke is one of the professional female handball player she earn maximum up to $550,000 annual salary while in men category Hans Lindberg a Denmark handball player who is highest paid with annual salary up to €15 Million check the list here (link).

#5 : National Lacrosse League: Annual Salary ($10,000)
National Lacrosse League players can get paid salary upto $10,000 average annual but it might increase upto $15,000 in next few years as sports getting popular . 
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