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Lamar Hunt US Open Cup 2016 Prize Money Distribution

US Open Cup is played among the teams of MLS league . In 2015 there are 91 teams who participated in the tournament. Sporting Kansas City has won their 3rd title of competition in past few years. Its played on domestic level . ESPN and Univision are the main broadcasters of the event . Teams that will take part in the vent will received the prize money from qualifiers stages to the finals The other name of the tournament is (Lamar Hunt US Open Cup).

The winners of the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup will received $250,000 as winning prize amount . While the team who lost the final will get paid maximum up $60,000. The teams who reach the semi finals but face defeat will earn $15,000 .

Lamar Hunt US OPEN Cup Prize Money Distribution 2016 (Updated)
 Stages  Description Earnings
Winners The winning team of US Open Cup  $250,000
Runner-ups Losing team of Final  $60,000
Semi Finalists Teams who lost the semi final $15,000
Knockout Round Teams who lost in the knockout Rounds $5,000
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