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The 15 Highest Paid Retired Athletes 2016

There are some athletes from the world of sports who might be retired but still making huge money with their business and sports endorsements . Currently the list is lead by non-other then a legend basketball player (Michael Jordan) who earns $110 million in year 2015 according to Forbes Magazine. See further players who included in the list .
Highest Paid Retired Athletes 2016
 Athletes   Earnings Retired Year Sports
Michael Jordan
$110 Million 2003 Basketball
David Beckham
$65 Million 2013 Football
Arnold Palmer
$40 Million 2006 Golf
Junior Bridgeman
$32 Million 1987 Basketball
Jerry Richardson
$30 Million 1960 American Football
Jack Nicklaus
$26 Million 2005 Golf
Shaquille O'Neal
$22 Million 2011 Basketball
Roger Penske
$20 Million 1965 Motorsports
Gary Player
$19 Million 2009 Golf
Magic Johnson
$18 Million 1996 Basketball
Michael Strahan
$17 Million 2007 American Football
Greg Norman
$15 Million 2011 Golf
$14 Million 1977 Football
$14 Million 2014 Tennis
Michael Jordan : 2015 Earnings $110 Million :
Michael Jordan is one of the best NBA player of his times. He is currently listed among the richest athletes who made billions from sports business. After playing successful careers at two NBA teams such as (Chicago Bulls & Washington Wizards). He is the most marketable athlete , he is spokes person for big endorsements company (Nike, Coca-Cola, Chevrolet, Gatorade, McDonald's, Ball Park Franks, Rayovac, Wheaties, Hanes, and MCI).

David Beckham : 2015 Earnings $65 Million :
David Beckham might be retired from professional football but currently making millions from some of his endorsement deals. He is retired from football during the year 2013 after playing his last match with Club PSG.During his football career he remains highest paid footballer of the world .
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