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Martin Atkinson Net Worth

Martin Atkinson Net Worth : £800 Thousand
Date of Birth : March 31, 1971
Country / Birthplace : Bradford, United Kingdom
Age : 45 Year Old

Martin Atkinson is among one of the top official's of Premier league . He is selected for the season 2016-17 as match official for the premier league games. Last season he made number of good decision that increase his popularity among the football fans . The 45 year old getting paid up to £1,500 per game and in Champions league match he received (£2,500) as match referee for the game. He is active in football since 1998 start as job as (Assistant referee) and In 2005 , he official debut as first referee in the match. According to football financial data collecting site , Atkinson earn annually (£250,000) annually from all his match appearances.
Rauf Arshad

Rauf Arshad

He is an entrepreneur and interests include financial lifestyle peole and working in the field of from past one year

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