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Nate Diaz vs Conor McGregor Purse Payouts UFC 202

Nate Diaz who win his previous fight is hopeful to get another re-match win against Conor McGregor on this upcoming Saturday . The fight date is schedule in the month of August 20, 2016 . It will began in the T-Mobile Arena , at Las Vegas City in United States . This is a big welterweight clash in the UFC history and there is big crowed expected for this fight .

How much does the both fighters will earn from this main event fight . Well in the previous clash (McGregor ) earn $1 million and Diaz leave arena with almost ($550,000) earnings which include 50,000 winning bonus of the night. There are (1,500,000 ppv sales) at UFC 196 and this time fight pundits were predicting more people will come to see the fight at UFC 202.
Cornor McGregor vs Nate Diaz Purse Payout in UFC 202
 Fighters  Guaranteed Purse Bonus PPV Revenue Share
Conor McGregor $3 Million $50,000 Base on sale of PPV 
Nate Diaz $2 Million $50,00 Base on sale of PPV 
In the above table you will see the estimated earnings of the fighters from the main Event fight according to which , Conor McGregor will get paid $1.5 million which will not include any winning bonus earnings but he can get bonus fight of the night if his name listed in that category. Nate Diaz last time earn $500k and this time he will get double for his performance according to some sources he will earn ($1 million) for the fight but these were just rumors , once we get official details about the earnings for the fight night that will be updated here.
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